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Garden Products Catalogue
Garden Products Catalogue

Standard range include Fences, Trellises, Planters, GYO products, Arches and Arbours. Most of Standard range products we have on stock (or ready to be complied from elements Arbours and Arches) and we usually deliver full/half truckloads directly to client warehouses or garden centres. If orders are for full truck, we can ship it immediately. And For half truck or less we pool orders so lead times can be longer. To plan production in advance and always keep enough stock, clients usually send us quarterly products demand plans and reserve production capacity. Some of them place initial orders with dates on which they want it delivered. We can tag them with labels and even custom design it for each client.

Naturally Durable Larch Products Catalogue
Naturally Durable Larch Products Catalogue

The new larch range beside having pleasant reddish colour and natural durability is mostly made so it can be drop shipped even individually. With custom branded cardboard boxes and something enriching unpacking experience Almost all products can be packed in cardboard boxes having dimensions within the limits of standard ecommerce couriers (not exceeding 120x60x60 cm and 31,5 kg) We are figuring out details, but I think initially we’ll be selling them in pallets quantities so about 20-40 pieces.

Garden Buildings Catalogue
Garden Buildings Catalogue

Structures range include Gazebos, Canopies, Pergolas, Pavilions, Summerhouses, Greenhouses and Carports. Structures are made to order from elements initially prepared for carpentry work done before compiling, We usually dropship them for obvious volume reasons. Lead times depends on popularity of the product, from 1 to 3 weeks. That’s because we make them in intervals so we could produce more at once. Of course, if we see that order is waiting for more than two weeks, we produce single piece. But we try to optimize it with price so paradoxically most selling products are usually cheaper.

Leisure Catalogue
Leisure Catalogue

Leisure range include Hanging Chairs with Stands, Loungers and Hammock Stands. Leisure products are also made to order but material demands to start production line are much higher. We need minimum order quantity for about 30-50 pieces each (depends on product) to produce profitable quantity. Sometimes we have “suspended” orders if someone wants to order 15 pieces but doesn’t need to have delivery date. Then when other order is placed that fills MOQ, we remind first client, and he decides if he wants to change quantity. Single pieces are possible to order when there was surplus from last production batch. Now we have several Gaya M Chairs and Genoa Stands on stock. They are packed in cardboard boxes and we because it’s always new production client can change details of a product and for large orders even cardboard box branding.

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Larix & Venetian Modular Partition System Brochure

After numerous discussions with our customers, we have successfully developed a terrace partition system that combines aesthetic appeal, ease of assemble, cost-effectiveness in transport, lightweight and robust construction, multifunctionality, adaptability to any height and width. Most importantly, it is made of beautiful larch wood – a material that is eco-friendly and naturally durable without any treatment.

The system has 2 versions Larix made of horizontal slats - a modern, trendy design. Both versions provide privacy by limiting visibility from the outside, reducing noise levels and protecting from the sun and rain. Venetian inspired by Venetian-type blinds, made of slats inclined at 45 degrees. Both versions provide privacy by limiting visibility from the outside, reducing noise levels and protecting from the sun and rain.

By stacking the elements on top of each other, a height multiple of 60 cm can be achieved. To accommodate any balcony height, the components can be easily cut to any size with a handsaw. The finishing element stabilises the structure and fits into any cut-to-size component. The width of the wall is obtained by using 90, 60 and 40 cm wide elements and multiples of these dimensions.

It is also possible to use a planter or a bench as a starting module of the partition wall. We use the same planters and bench for both Larix and Venetian systems. The planters are available with a depth of 25 or 40 cm. The 25 cm depth allows you to build a planter wall and train climbing plants even on very narrow balconies, while the 40 cm depth is ideal for large areas, especially when you want to enclose a balcony at 180 cm and above.

The systems are designed for easy installation and do not require drilling or disturbing existing railings or floors.  The walls are held in place by planters or, in the case of the version without planters, by strong 45 x 45 mm double-layered larch mounting posts, used horizontally and vertically.

Accessories available: 

  • screw-in feet for level adjustment
  • swivel castors
  • shelf with hook
  • flap to create a bench

To reduce costs and shipping time, all system components are packed in UPS and DHL shipable packages - cardboard boxes weighing less than 31 kg and measuring less than 120x60x60 cm.


Bespoke Glulam Curves made in TCLwood618® Technology Brochures

Thin Construction Lamella bonding with lamellas from 6 mm to 18 mm thick

Added values resulting from the use of technology:

  • Greater shape stability
  • Greater weather resistance
  • Fewer cracks
  • Fewer large knots
  • Patented technology (European patent no. 3416791) guarantees production flexibility
  • Quality assurance certificates

Bespoke Timber Arches
Ecocurves by Jagram Brochure

Glulam EcoCurves are manufactured from high quality European coniferous timbers cut into thin layers and laminated in a powerful hydraulic press to form its final shape.

In the last 20 years we have tested most of world's leading glue, lamination
machinery and tool brands. We now have our own patented solution to create
a technologically unique production process - our factory computers are capable
of turning the most elaborate shapes into beautiful timber curves within just 40 minutes.

EcoCurves is a UK branch of Jagram Group, one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of bespoke laminated timber curves.

  • The largest variety of laminated timber curves in Europe (1.2 million units of various types of timber curves supplied across Europe in 2012).
  • Total flexibility - any order quantity (from 1 to 10,000 units - max 19m length) will be delivered anywhere in the UK within 21 days!
  • Strict quality control in our own laboratories plus outside certificates: ISO 9001, 100% FSC, PEFC, TUV Construction Timber Certificate.

Our advantages:

  • EcoCurves offer excellent strength to mass ratio,
  • Extremely durable - EcoCurves can be pressure treated and then used outside without further maintenance
  • EcoCurves will enhance any construction with natural timber appearance,
  • Our Curves are environmentally friendly leaving less carbon footprint than other materials.
  • Our manufacturing process has minimal impact on the environment - 99 % of waste is reused in a closed circle.
  • Timber is sourced from responsibly managed and certified forests.
  • EcoCurves are easy to work with even with common tools. The wooden surface can be treated with all kinds of paints or preservatives.
  • Drilled and cut to length and shape when needed with ultra modern CNC machinery thus dimensionally very accurate.

In the past 20 years, EcoCurves have found their way into hundreds of unique products:

  • Garden pods
  • Swimming pool retractable covers
  • Walkways
  • Small sports and leisure halls
  • Summer restaurants
  • Carports
  • Bikeports
  • Commercial and storage buildings
  • Construction elements
  • Residential leisure spaces
  • Bridges
  • Trade fair stands

We offer a full range of services :

  • We supply curves according to your specification
  • We co-design your final product if required, using our vast experience and in-house engineers
  • We supply a full solution from start to finish depending on your requirements


  • High quality timber selected and dried to 18 % humidity, finger-jointed and sliced into thickness ranging from 2.8 to 45 mm by precise saws (allowing for 1.15 mm waste on 9 mm batten) and producing glue-optimal surface. 88% yield.
  • Class D4 gluing. Glue spread CNC-optimised. One component polyurethane and two component melamine glues from world leading certified suppliers.
  • Presses - hydraulic, 12 kg/cm2, high frequency.
  • Planing, drilling - 5-axis CNC Shaper and digital centres 4000 units/shift.
  • Pressure treatment - optionally - in fii 2.25 m, 14 m long treatment plant. Treatment by Tanalith E and Osmose.

Timber Bike Shelters
Ecocurves by Jagram Brochure

Oxford Bike Shelter - This glulam timber bike shelter is a great way to cover and secure up to ten bicycles. Oxford Bike Shelter has a stylish and ecological look that suits any environment. Anti-vandal corrugated PVC or clear 4mm PC roof. Sides available as an option.

Dundee Bike Shelter - The Dundee Bike shelter is a modern bike shed with cross-braced frame design. This product is manufactured from slow-grown Scandinavian  Whitewood and is capable of sheltering up to 10 bikes. Pressure-treated with Tanalith E® as a standard.

Bolton Bike Shelter - The best selling Bolton Bike Shelter is a beautiful timber structure that offers protection from the elements. Manufactured from slow-grown Scandinavian Whitewood with a 4mm polycarbonate roof. This quality bike port has been built to last and comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

Cardiff Bike Shelter - Thanks to its conservative design, Cardiff Bike Shelter fits every environment. It is a glulam weatherproof construction protected with Tanalith E®  - a world leading preservative that has over 20 years of proven performance protecting wood against insects and decay.

Exeter Bike Shelter - A versatile bike shelter that makes a perfect solution for installations in busy public spaces. This timber construction easily covers two-tier racks providing extra storage per m². It is delivered flat packed with self-assembly instructions.

  • Storage Capacity: 10 bicycles
  • Dimensions: 2.1m x 2.1m x 4.1m (customisation options available)
  • Roof Options: 4mm PVc corrugated or Pc (solid/multiwall)
  • All required fixings and post holders included
  • Pressure treatment: Tanalith e® Manufactured to Strength Class GL24
  • Product flat packed and ready to install
  • Installation service available on request
  • Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

EcoCurves is a UK branch of Jagram Group. We are one of the largest and most Laminated timber curves we use to produce our bike shelters are: renowned manufacturers of bespoke laminated timber arches in Europe. Jagram produced  over 1.2 million units of various types of laminated curves in 2013.

EcoCurves are manufactured from high quality European coniferous timbers cut into thin layers and laminated in a powerful hydraulic press to form its final shape. In the last 20 years we have tested most of world’s leading glue, lamination machinery and tool brands.

What distinguishes us is strict quality control in our own laboratories plus outside certificates: ISO 9001, 100% FSC, PEFC, TÜV, Construction Timber Certificate.

Laminated timber curves we use to produce our bike shelters are:


  • Extremely durable - EcoCurves offer excellent strength to mass ratio,
  • Weatherproof – our glulam curves are pressure treated and then can be used outside without further maintenance,
  • Good looking – timber will enhance any construction with fresh and natural appearance,
  • Environmentally friendly - leaving less carbon footprint than other materials.
  • Easy to work with even with common tools. The wooden surface can be treated with all kinds of paints or preservatives.
  • Dimensionally very accurate - drilled and cut to length and shape with ultra-modern CNC machinery.

Jagram Veggie Planter Brochure


  • the grow your own concept
  • a height of 90 cm for easy access  & comfortable working position
  • waterproof inserts (high quality linings)
  • a drainage system for excess water
  • easy assembly (with a step-by-step manual)
  • a complete set of fixings included
  • ease of mobility (with optional wheels)
  • a practical shelf for storing tools
  • flat package made of 5-layer cardboar


Folding front/side shelf - These durable side shelves enable serious growers to maximize their work space. Featuring heavy-duty folding supports, they provide a convenient, easy to lift, lock and release side shelf or work surface. Keep your vegetable growing accessories close by at all times! Our shelves are constructed of durable material for heavy-duty use and long life.

Veggie greenhouse cover - A spacious greenhouse frame with a heavy duty PVC cover – custom made for Jagram Veggies. Our covers enable you to prolong the growing season and thus produce larger harvests. Greenhouse covers not only protect plants from insect, pests and frosts, but also accelerate growth. Made from high-quality materials, our covers are built to last and also look great!

Wheels (with brakes) - We use only the highest quality wheels and castors to guarantee excellent mobility. These units are specially constructed to ensure high durability, with rubber tyres for noiseless operation, sturdy enough to operate on all surfaces. There is a choice of standard wheel or a version with a front-mounted brake that locks both the wheel and its swivel action. 

Jagram Veggies are suitable for home & garden but will equally enhance any commercial space. Imagine restaurants serving fresh cut herbs growing in Veggies right next to the customer’s table! Cold beverages served straight from a Veggie? No problem – a Veggie also makes an ideal cooler; just add some ice and use it to store bottles. The Jagram Veggie can be put to a whole range of uses, limited only by your imagination!

Replaceable high quality waterproof fabric. Other patterns available on request.
Colour options: Vintage Grey, Miami Yellow, Oiled Larch, New Delhi Pink. Other colours available on request.

About Spruce -Our products are manufactured from slow-growing Northern European Whitewood, that ensures durability. Jagram Veggies are handmade, using raw materials from quality suppliers and finished to the highest standards. The very best timber treatment is employed to ensure long life.

About Larch - The luxury Veggies are made of high grade European Larch, valued for its durability and fine colour. To ensure an exclusive appearance, larch products are coated with a high-quality varnish. Its colour vary from light reddish to golden browns, once weathered it changes to a beautifully consistent silver.